From Kristie Dennis

Becky has lovingly photographed our family for over 11 years, beginning with a sweet series of portraits that captured our oldest child’s first year.  Her relaxed, warm personality and attention to the tiny details in every sitting resulted in beautiful photos that not only highlighted our daughter’s features, but reflected her personality as well.  Each of those photos evokes wonderful memories of first smiles, words and steps, and reminds us of the delicacy of those first tender months.  It was only natural that we called on her to do the same for our second and third daughters, and we were once again delighted with the results.  (In the interim, Becky took some really fun, artistic pregnancy portraits to celebrate our growing family.  Talk about a fun session!)  It wasn’t long before she produced exquisite formal portraits of each of the three girls around age five, the timing of which captured the epitome of their childhood years – especially that precious time right before the tooth fairy began making visits!  Becky’s photography is treasured in our home and we always look forward to the blessing of working with her.

From Dinah Collinsworth

Becky Kittleman has been preserving moments of time for my family for 20 years. I treasure her talent and her attention to detail and her friendship. Our first portrait sessions were when my daughter was a senior in high school. That poignant last year at home – filled with so many emotions – was captured forever by Becky. Sorority head shots followed as time marched on until that glorious moment when the man of her dreams asked her to marry him and where did we turn for engagement photos but to Becky’s expertise. Then a huge wedding, huge wedding party – with Becky having to get assistance from 3 fellow gifted photographers. And then so quickly the festivities and fun are over and all that is left are Becky’s glorious photographs – with each special moment there to savor over and over.
And now!!!! 7 grandchildren!!! We have been full range with Becky. People look at our New Year’s card this year with 12 people ranging in age from 3 to 73 and ask – how long did it take her to get a photograph this good – and I can honestly say – the whole photo session was only about 30 minutes!!! In her low key, very experienced way Becky knows how to get adults and the smallest children to show their personalities to her camera. And she makes it all fun!!!!!

From Melinda Massey
While remodeling our home, I was taking down all the art from our walls preparing for the contractor. Looking at all of portraits that you have taken of our family over the years, I really wanted to sit down and write you a letter to tell you how much your talent has blessed our family. It has taken me a while to actually put a pen to paper, but can I just tell you that we are so thankful for you!
Because I have known you for over 25 years, I remember when you decided to go back to UT and pursue a degree in photography. Your love for art, nature, and people combined with your education and investment in the best equipment and training has truly made you a renowned professional in your field. Honestly, though you had become a dear friend by the time you opened your business, I choose you as our family photographer because of your incredible and proven talent.
As a designer and creator myself, I was so excited for you, and definitely encouraged you, but was not a part of your clientele until you were pretty well established. Part of that was the investment, but I remember being in your studio, and you showing me pictures of the Gerrie’s and several other families. I saw firsthand how much skill, talent, timing and equipment could help to capture moments of love and joy, and I was amazed! Sarah and Anna were little at the time and I booked a sitting with Kittleman Photography for them in the bluebonnets. We had previously had a few professional portraits done, and there was just no comparison to the service and expertise you provided. From picking the perfect landscape, advice on what to wear, to knowing what time of day would be best for lighting to your calm and peaceful direction…the experience was wonderful. This was a luxurious expenditure at that time in our family, and so I was more than thrilled to see the proofs! Once that canvas hung on our wall, I knew you would be our family photographer Becky!
Over the years you captured moments in time that are truly priceless to us. Now that Ken and I are approaching our 30th anniversary, we are so thankful to have all these reminders! Whether it is the baby, or mother & child, or the 10 year old portrait of each of the girls or the senior portraits, or our beautiful family portraits over the years, each of them spurs on a memory that gives us such joy! What a humbling realization to know that it is only in looking back that we can truly be a testimony to how valuable the decision was to invest in your timeless portraiture! I am so thankful we DID choose you when we were making this investment in our family because you are the best!

Thank you sweet friend,
Melinda Massey (and Ken, Sarah, Anna and Amelia too!)